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Defend Your Livelihood & Make Your Voice Heard

Every single member of the Industrial Property Owners’ Consortium is dedicated to protecting their businesses and supporting others—it’s why we created IPOC in the first place.

When we make our voices heard and stand up for our businesses through IPOC, we can create meaningful change and growth for each other.

When we make our voices heard and stand up for our businesses through IPOC, we can create meaningful change and growth for each other.

Still, standing up for what’s right comes at a cost.

Participating in civic events, meeting every week, and getting involved in legislation from the county to state levels means an investment in IPOC and your business.

So, we want to be transparent with you about joining IPOC—the fee for every new member is $3,500.

We recognize that’s no small chunk of change, but it’s a necessary investment. We make every dollar count, and we’re already seeing those fees go to work for our members.

Community Support Means Investing in Each Other

Before you pay for your membership and join IPOC, we want to be open and honest with you about what that means.

Of course, IPOC starts with community support. Building a community of concerned business owners and growing that community is what has made us successful.

Without our members, we wouldn’t have the ability to make our voices heard—to demonstrate that our businesses are a benefit for our communities and our employees.

So, above all, joining IPOC means you’ll have the leverage and support that simply doesn’t exist when we’re divided.

Every new member gives our consortium new perspectives, ideas, and support that we need to make all of our businesses thrive.

IPOC is Backed by the Best

A portion of every member’s one-time fee goes to a vital part of our strategy—our legal team.

Furthering responsible change for our businesses at a legislative level often means we need to know the ins and outs of zoning and business laws.

That’s why we’re backed by the best…

Comprehensive Legal Backing

While many of our members come to the table with their own legal support, we’re all about going the extra mile for our members.

So, we’ve bolstered IPOC’s community strength and insider knowledge with comprehensive legal support.

By ensuring all of our members have legal support whenever necessary, we believe IPOC is an even greater force to be reckoned with when we come to the table. Our lawyers are knowledgeable and passionate when it comes to industrial business law. With their support, we’re leading the charge towards safe, responsible legislative change.

Make Your Business Heard When it Matters Most

We work closely with business owners who have lost everything due to legislative or legal changes.

All too often, our colleagues have been forced out of business by changes they couldn’t see coming.

This narrative is the main inspiration behind IPOC.

When we combine our knowledge, share ideas, and seek legal advice, we can make sure a story like this doesn’t repeat itself.

It all depends on the growth of our community. As IPOC welcomes more members like you, our ability to make waves grows too.

In other words, joining IPOC means you’ll have the opportunity to make your voice truly heard, and not just at a county hearing.

We’re talking about the chance to make your businesses’ needs heard in front of:

  • County Commissioners
  • State Senators
  • Colorado Congressional Candidates

And these opportunities are just the beginning. We’re constantly working to make a bigger impact because we depend on responsible change just like you—we’re business owners ourselves.

Join Our Growing Community!

Like we said, IPOC finds strength in numbers. 

We recognize that going it alone rarely works—building community through business creates meaningful change.

IPOC provides the community, the platform, the resource hub, and more that business owners deserve.

Together, we can make responsible change happen.

Our consortium provides a meaningful stream of crucial, Colorado business-related information, so you’ll never be in the dark about the next change that might affect you.

Don’t wait to fight for your business—joining IPOC is immediate and the benefits are long-lasting.

Click the link below to pay your membership fee, invest in your business, and make your voice heard today!
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